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Engineering graduates failing to click good jobs

It is not that they do not know engineering but they do not know where the link between physical sciences, humanities and engineering is. Note that the engineers work at the interface between technology and society. Humanities deals society, culture and effective communication both verbal and written. Moreover, humanities teach many fundamental skills, such as, analysis, critical thinking and creativity. It also points out that human conditioning is a moving target. Therefore, engineers when designing an instrument need knowledge of physics, mathematics and humanities. Scientists dream about doing great things and Engineers do them. The source of dream is philosophia (Latin) – the philosophical study of nature, the precursor of Natural Science. To me Engineering is the offspring of Physics (king) and Mathematics (queen). Different branches of engineering are their grand children. The second fact is that they do not know how to and what to contribute to the world. This is the need of the hour.  Therefore, after graduation they should be given the taste of "innovation", that is what is all about Engineering education”. It is like hatching the chicks out of the eggs - Incubation. The incubation centre makes the student industry ready bubbling with skills.

The burning question of the hour

Why graduate engineers are unable to click good jobs in spite of in campus interviews. Even if they are successful they return back and tell fabricated stories. The fact is that they do not know basic physics, mathematics and humanities. Actually for most engineering jobs knowledge of higher physics and mathematics is not required. Aside these in these days the graduands are coached (like the school students) instead of being taught. They do not know what innovating teaching is all about. The other day Rabi Maharaj of Belur R K Mission was telling this also.

Teaching Philosophy

Therefore teachers of engineering must know how to use intelligently laws of physics and mathematics to develop a new result. For example: start with difference two square areas; use physics then algebra, then geometry, then again algebra to come out with a New Result:

(a 2 - b 2 ) =a(a – b) + b(a – b) = (a-b)(a+b).

A figure or diagram is given for visualisation.  This is how physics, mathematics and humanities when judiciously merged leads to the New Result. Most of the engineering disciplines are over-shoot of physics and mathematics. Finally: "Who are you and where do you come from" cannot be separated from "how you are brought up and trained". That is why your graduating school is important. Look before you leap. “Now the dead stream returns high tide, Set your raft sailing chanting mother's name. O' boatman, where is he, clamour for him - Hold the oars tight, unitedly, unfasten lanyards” (O tor mara gange ban aseche joy ma bole vasa tori)…….. Rabindranath Tagore

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