Masters in Computer Applications

DEPARTMENT:    Master of Computer Applications
VISION : The vision of the department is to become a leader in computer science and engineering education, to produce qualified individuals who are prepared to succeed.

    The mission of the department is to produce qualified individuals in the discipline and to reach out both within and beyond the institute to apply computational principles to technical and societal problems


1. On completion of MCA degree, the individuals will be able to:
2. Analyze complex computing problems to provide innovative solutions
3. Apply the knowledge of mathematics and computing fundamentals to various real life applications for any given requirement
4. Apply modern IT tools and computational knowledge for designing and development of software
5. Utilize the computing knowledge efficiently in projects with concern for societal, environmental, and cultural aspects
6. Design applications for any desired needs with appropriate considerations for any specific need on societal and environmental aspects
7. Demonstrate employability or entrepreneurial skills to provide solutions for various domains.

1. Information Management Lab
2. Object-oriented Programming in C++ Lab
3. Relational –Database Management System Lab
4. Data Structures Lab
5. Linux Operating System Lab
6. Database Administration Lab
7. Java Programming Lab
8. Web& Mobile Application Development
9. Computer Graphics Lab
10. Web Technologies Lab
11. Object Oriented Analysis and Design with UML Lab
12. Software Testing Lab



1. Teacher’s day celebration by students of Department in the month of Sep 5, the memory of Dr. Sarvepalli RadhaKrishnana. Students of all semesters arranged for cake cutting and few games to express their gratitude for faculty, All faculty enjoyed Photo session with students nd many more.
2. A seminar on Gate tips by Gate Guru in the month of Oct , 2019.
3. A workshop on Python Programming in the month of Nov 2019.
4. Parent Teacher Meeting’s conducted twice a semester in session

Positions in PTU Semester Examinations
i)Surbhi Aggarwal
ii)Nishi Kalia
iii)Manpreet Kaur
iv) Ayush Upadhyay