The Institute has separate hostels for boys and girls. The mess of each hostel is equipped with modern facilities. Each hostel has a residential warden to ensure implementation of discipline and creating atmospheres of that is conductive to learning. Cable TV Connection in Common Room, Facility of Indoor Games, Medical Aid, Telephone Facility, Gymnasium etc are provided

Boys  & Girls Hostel:

Boys Hostel is located at a convenient distance outside the campus spacious and well-ventilated rooms with adequate tables, chairs, cupboards etc are available to give students a perfect homely stay Facilities are

  • 150 rooms each with the capacity of minimum 2 students.
  • Generator set of 30 KVA for every individual Hostel.
  • Telephone Facility for every individual Hostel.
  • Internet facility for every individual Hostel.
  • Common Room for every individual Hostel. (with indoor games as Chess, Carom Board,  Badminton, etc.).
  • Mess with nutritious diet for every individual Hostel. (Veg and Non-Veg).
  •  Reading Hall for every individual Hostel.(Available with all types of leading newspapers and magazines).
  •  Television for Entertainment for every individual Hostel..

General Instructions For Hostlers

  1. Students are not allowed to keep any pets etc. in the hostel.
  2. Students in their own interest should not keep large sum of money or  any other valuable items in their rooms.
  3. Any Case of serious illness should be reported to the warden and the college Medical officer immediately.
  4. Each resident student is responsible for the cleanliness and good upkeep of the room allotted to him/her.
  5. He /She will be held responsible for the damages done to the room or its furniture and fixtures.
  6. If any student leaves the hostel and fails to handover in good order all the furniture/fixture, he/she will be liable to pay for any damages done.
  7. All lights and fans must be switched off. when leaving the rooms.
  8. All students are advised in their own interest to take breakfast/meals/snacks in the college mess/canteen.
  9. In case of any food poisoning due to their taking food at a place other than the hostel/mess/canteen, the students will be personally responsible for the consequences.
  10. As soon as the resident ceases to be a student of the college, his/her entitlement to stay in the hostel will cease automatically.
  11. Newspapers/magazines etc. are to be read in the common room only and should not be taken out.
  12. T.V. sets should only be operated by the authorized persons who are permitted to operate in, otherwise charges for repair etc. would be the responsibility of the defaulters.


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